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We restore Driveways, Parking lots & PathWays

If your asphalt driveway, parking lot, or pathway is cracking, breaking down, and in need of some love and care, you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in sealcoating, crack sealing, repair, line striping, lot sweeping, and general paving maintenance and repair.

Our experienced contractors are fully licensed and insured. Our company in New Orleans has more than 20 years of experience in all things paving, asphalt and sealcoating.

Best of all, we deliver free on-site estimates and consultations. We arm you with all the information you need to make the best decisions based on your needs and budget.

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Our Paving Services

We offer a wide range of residential and commercial paving services throughout our coverage area. They include:


Harsh weather, automobile traffic, strong ultraviolet (UV rays), and exposure to gasoline, oil and other chemicals are the main culprits for asphalt breaking down. An annual or semi-annual application of a seal coat helps to prevent cracking, fading, and other deterioration of blacktop. A sealcoating extends the life of asphalt and saves you money on expensive repairs, maintenance, and repaving.

Crack Sealing

No matter how well you take care of your pavement, it’s bound to show cracking over years of enduring traffic, changes in weather, and other factors. Instead of totally starting over, we use strong and durable crack sealants to mend pavement. Sealants fill cracks and prevent the entry of water, dirt, stones and other materials that can further breakdown asphalt and lead to larger cracks.

Pavement Repair

When cracks are not sealed and left to grow, the result are the appearance of sizable potholes. Of course, these unsightly holes reduce the value of your property and make it dangerous for those traversing your asphalt by car or foot. The good news is that our company is skilled in patching up potholes and cracks of all shapes and sizes. Even better, these fixes are typically inexpensive.

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Parking Lot Line Striping

Parking lot striping is necessary to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians that use the lot every day. Undeniably painted lines on asphalt will fade and be removed in time thanks to weather, water, gas, oils, and other materials blacktop is exposed to. We employ contractors that specialize in careful and accurate line striping to keep your lot compliant. We work with retailers, restaurants, local municipalities, franchises and property owners of all kinds.

Mill & Overlay

Instead of totally replacing a driveway or parking lot that is need of a major facelift, we can grind away the top surface and resurface the asphalt on top of the existing base. Because the bottom layer is often still intact, this process is a cost-effective way to maximize the longevity of your pavement.


Don’t take our word for it. Our customers – new and old – are often complimentary of our top notch services and friendly, professional demeanor. We are thankful to them for sharing their reviews and spreading good news about our local New Orleans company.

“It had been a few years since we had our driveway sealed. The color was fading a bit and there were a few minor cracks. We found New Orleans Seal Coat, and we were happy for it. They gave us a free estimate and fit in our job at a time that was convenient for us. The work they did was affordable and high quality.”

Rachel C.

“This company is terrific when it comes to working together on commercial projects. I own a handful of parking lots in the New Orleans area, and they service them all well. They do all the sealcoating, crack repairs, line striping, and mill and overly when we need it. Very professional and experienced group.”

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Parking Lot Line Striping

Why choose us?

one-on-one approach

We realized long ago that being successful in our line of business required building strong relationships with residential and commercial residents. To do this, we work with you on a personal level to understand your needs, concerns, and what will fit your budget. We return your calls and emails promptly, and make certain you are satisfied with our company.

Experienced contractors

Our company has operated in New Orleans for more than two decades. Along the way, our employees and contractors have grown with us. They’re knowledgeable, friendly, and dedicated to customer service. Best of all, they’re experts in asphalt seal coating and repair.


The bottom line is our rates are reasonable and fair. We may not be the exact cheapest paving contractors in the Big Easy, but our low costs combined with our top-level service make us a true value in our region.

We're local

Our company has grown over the years, but we’ve remained committed to our roots here in New Orleans. No job is too big or small. We have the bells and whistles of a big franchise contractor, but with the down home friendliness and work ethic that defines where we live.

We're fully licensed & insured

Each of our contractors have passed required background checks and tests. Our company is licensed in the state of Louisiana and throughout the USA. This gives our customers peace of mind. When it comes to paving, it is not wise to put your trust in the hands of a company that lacks licensing and insurance. Count on us. We are proud partners of New Orleans Foundation Repair and Beaumont Paving.

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